Monday, May 07, 2007

Microwaved Semi-Detached Well Done On Outside, Only Slightly Warm Inside

Swindon Fire Brigade haven't had a quiet Bank Holiday with a fire caused by a microwave in the South Marston area of town earlier today.

Mrs Amelie Sampson-Jones called 999 after 3 minutes had elapsed while attempting to defrost some frozen tripe she was going to use for dinner as a surprise for her husband.

'' I had gone into the back room to tune the radio onto Woman's Hour and when I turned round the flames were licking round my Delhi Bazzar coloured (that's marketing speak for a yellow kettle readers) dolphin shaped kettle. I grabbed Felix the budgie and made a dash for the main road.'' That comment from Mrs Sampson-Jones, 37, of Mayfield Place.

The firefighters who tackled the blaze said it had to be dealt with carefully with the source being a microwave malfunction. Firefighters initially had to walk round the perimeter of the house and prick the windows with forks to make small air holes to prevent an explosion. They then used a large spoon to stir the contents to make sure any heat was distributed evenly.

Rumours that firefighters waited a full three minutes before taking on the fire have been dismissed as speculation.

Swindon Centric Says ; Mr Ray Sampson-Jones was reported by neighbours to be more surprised that his wife had attempted to make his tea with tripe which she knows he can't stand. The Sampson-Jones household have confirmed this evening they will increase their consumption of takeaways to prevent a repeat of today's incident.

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