Thursday, May 31, 2007

Taxi Regular Takes Out Account ; Might Last 9 Months

With Swindon's taxis being a current topic of conversation, a story that's been overlooked has landed on our 'stories to publish when we're desperate for a story' desk. Lucky for us.

Stephanie Greenslade, 36, of Priory Vale has given birth on the way to the GWH maternity ward. The newsability of this story is that this is the second time Mrs Greenslade has done this in 18 months. Her daughter, Mary-Jane was born in the back of an AC Taxis modeo going over the top of Victoria Road on a heavy traffic Friday night.

'' I thought I would have made it this time.'' Said mother-of-two, Stephanie.

Swindon Centric ; She's either got to ring the taxi sooner, or get a regular driver who doesn't mind breaking the speed limit.

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