Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Pictures Of Girls Under Umbrellas ; Obvious Attempt To Boost Sales

The Swindon Beaver Herald today defended itself over allegations of cheap journalism after it published a picture of a couple of pretty young girls under an umbrella to accompany a 'news' story.

That story, after extensive investigation by the Swindon Centric team (we went to the paper shop and bought a copy) was a thin try at wrapping up the weather as local news. Despite the heavy rain over the weekend, the story tells us there was no flooding in the town, so where is the news?

Can you find it?

'' We deny strongly the allegation that we just put in a weather story to fill page space and fleshed it out even further by joining it with a big picture of a couple of young, pretty girls smiling under an umbrella.'' That quote from Jimmy Olsen, Cub Reporter of the Swindon Beaver Herald.

In entirely unrelated news, Swindon Beaver Herald sales jumped 47 percent on the edition featuring this picture.

Swindon Centric Says ; Will they still put out their GCSE and A-Level results special with a front cover of the same pretty young things smiling sweetly and holding their results papers? Surely not!

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