Thursday, May 03, 2007

Local Election Breaking Update ; Anyone Got A Spare Abbacus?

With a brief straw pole of the office at Swindon Centric (yes, we have a straw pole for stories like this) reveals that out of seven people, one was undecided whether to vote, two would certainly, and four wouldn't bother.

So the town can expect only 2 in every 7 people to vote. Should be a short counting time down at the Oasis for the people with the wet thumbs.

Historically turnout at all elections has been falling for decades, but votes at local elections are always lower than others. People have got other things on their minds, the weather's warm , there's a bank holiday weekend coming up and people are taking bets on David Tennant leaving Doctor Who.

A fellow voter commented to us that their were more people sat in the garden of a nearby pub when she went to vote, with only one other person in the polling station when she went along.

Swindon Centric Says ; Didn't they talk a few years ago about putting ballot boxes in supermarkets, how about pubs? Come on councillors, earn our votes and do something radical.

You've got 10 minutes left, go and vote Swindon!

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