Thursday, May 31, 2007

Escaped Emu Causes Chaos ; Breaks Speed Limit ; Could Be Transport Solution

An escaped Emu has give Swindon Transport Planners an unlikely idea in the battle against congestion.

Following it being spotted outside the old Renault Building at Rivermead early this morning and unsuccessful attempts to catch the creature, it made a dash for it.

Followed by the Wiltshire Police helicopter it ran over the Gloucester railway line and was spotted again near Great Western Way.

'' It ran back along toward Bridgemead, on the opposite carriageway, passing several motorists and one HGV, we then tailed it across Mannington Rec. We can confim the Emu was snapped by a speed camera midway along Great Western Way at 42.5mph.

Rumours that Borough Council are considering building a dedicated lane between West Swindon and the town centre for the exclusive use of Emus as an alternative to the car hasn't been confirmed, but Emu parking places are being marked out in Granville Street carpark.

Swindon Centric Says ; Now if only we could get a dozen or so Emus trained up to pull a supermarket lorry, we could really cut our CO2 emissions.

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