Friday, April 06, 2007

Atlantis Surfaces In Lawns Lake ; Council Considers New Marine Banding For Council Tax

With most people this Good Friday washing their cars, or trying to keep civil with families visiting for the Easter break, its a surprise this news has reached us and you.

At around 8.45 this morning a man out walking his dog noticed something in the bubbling water of the lake at Lawns. A local geologist was called after people could remember how to spell it for looking up in the phone book and confirms that through a series of tests involving a test tube, bunsen burner and some magnesium thrown in the water for good measure that the land mass filling the lake is actually the lost continent of Atlantis.

Initial reports that the bubbling water was simply a rather dodgy Indian takeaway chucked away by a late night reveller have been dismissed.

While developers come up with plans for flats on the newly found land the Council is musing about a new Council Tax banding for properties based on the brand new part of the Borough. The new bands will be A, B, C, D and A* for the new portion of land.

Unconfirmed news has reached us that the other end of Atlantis has emerged under the recently regenerated lake at Lydiard Park. This could mean a reduction in the lottery funding for the Lydiard regeneration as the money was meant for the lake and not a small pond as it now looks tonight.

The Swindon Centric Blog Says ; What will there be tomorrow, a Bermuda style triangle at the Pinehurst Circle?

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