Monday, April 23, 2007

Doctor Who Thought Responsible For Oasis Gig Problems

Problems at last night's Oasis concert of famed Scottish singer Paolo Nutini have been traced back to having a Doctor Who connection.

Following the Saturday report from Swindon Centric about the Doctor parking and disguising the TARDIS as the Oasis sports hall long term, it seems the TARDIS has had it's biggest effect on the town to date.

Some concertgoers alleged Paolo had one too many drinks and gave a less than good performance on Sunday. Many left in droves before the show ended. The actual poor quality singing was due to the Doctor having the TARDIS's anti-molecular rectifier filter switched to 'very high/stun' as he battled a especially subborn clan of The Ood who had invaded a chip shop in Nine Elms.

'' If I'd known we'd be seeing a below average quality concert in the midst of an intergalactic alien battle, on my weekend off, well. I should have taken my girlfriend to see McFly. At least its easier to deal with the flying knickers than flying laser beams from aliens wrecking the town.'' That comment from Steven Jones (no relation to Martha Jones), 24 of Peatmoor.

When contacted Doctor Who refused to comment on ongoing intergalactic operations, but did say for equality he prefers the term 'extraterrestrial' rather than 'alien'.

The Truthiness Blog Says ; When the doctor regenerates, do you reckon he'll put 'some new shoes on'? We love our puns!

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