Thursday, April 19, 2007

Will She Stay Or Will She Go? No More Bets Please! I'm Getting Married On The Morning Show!

As we all sadistically enjoy that moment on live TV when a man who thinks he's being romantic proposing to his girlfriend and hoping she'll accept to save face and make him seem brave.

We have our our own version of this happening in Swindon. Yesterday morning, on the Sunshine Swindon Breakfast Show (Swindon Channel 915 on your Freeview and Sky systems) 24 year old Dave McGould proposed to his girlfriend of eighteen months, Cheryl Houghton-Andrews, 20 both of Rodbourne Cheney live at 8.47am local time at the Commercial Road street-side studio.

'' I had been due to appear to talk about the rise in inflation as I work for Nationwide as a market analyst, Cheryl had come down with me to give me a lift out to work after the interview. At the end I just went ahead and asked her live on the air. Luckly for me she said yes and the group of school kids outside who'd been flicking v-signs and blowing on the window cheered and clapped.'' That comment from husband to be Dave who's now being measured for his morning suit in time for a quick July wedding.

With the town reeling from the unexpected result from last Saturday's Grand National, punters across Swindon have been looking for a racing certainty. Filling the void for gamblers have been branches of all the national bookmakers with odds on Cheryl leaving him at the altar falling to 12-1, and her leaving him in the lurch before getting to the church from 36 hours before being the most popular bet at 7-1.

There have been odds calculated at 100-1 of Cheryl appearing on the Sunshine Swindon Breakfast Show to tell Swindon that she's not getting married and the reasons why (including that Dave like's to collect comics and unusual designs of pub placemats).

Rumours that the 100-1 shot odds will be shortened within the next two weeks as Cheryl goes on an Alton Towers weekend with old school friends, including her handsome ex-boyfriend Peter Morgan, have been denied very lightly by the Swindon branch of William Hill.

Swindon Centric Says ; £150 on Cheryl, on the nose!

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