Saturday, April 21, 2007

TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Swindon

As teenagers all over Swindon recover from last night's McFly concert at the Oasis Leisure Centre in the town, Swindon Centric can break a story that's been overlooked in the last few months.

Big names have been appearing at the Oasis recently, with gigs happening in the sports hall, which though big, is not where you'd expect big music acts to play in a town of this size.

Despite having a capacity of 3453 for a concert, Swindon Centric has had a secretly taken video by a Swindon Borough Council employee posted anonymously to us. The video shows the outside of the hall, then taken in through the fire exit, the interior appears huge in comparison, as big as an average sized arena, easily accomodating 11,000 people.

We've had the tape independently checked by experts who assure us it's genuine and has not been tampered with. '' It's not possible to do this type of large scale illusion through the use of misdirection and mirrors. Try hiding the Oasis up your sleeve, I have and it's not easy, so I see no way for this to be conventionally explained.'' That quote from Swindon's most famous magician, Jacob Uphissleeve-Roberts.

Rumours have been flying round Swindon of fleeting glimpses of Doctor Who, indeed, one late night reveller will swear he saw a Cyberman waiting for a taxi on Fleming Way last night. Overhearing him getting into the cab, the Cyberman asked to go to Okus Road.

Self-appointed experts say it's possible the TARDIS has been cloaked with a device to disguise it as something more 'Swindon' than a police callbox. The sports hall may be the TARDIS, but you didn't hear that from Swindon Centric.

Swindon Centric Says ; Words on the street is that '' its bigger on the inside than on the outside'' is this week's most popular chat up line on Bridge Street. David Tennant has a lot to answer for.

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