Friday, April 06, 2007

Who's Eating Fish This Friday? We Know Who You Are!

A survey taken by Swindon Centric this week (due to there being very little news as everyone leaves town for the Easter hols) shows that sixty-seven percent of people in the town say they are Christian and will be celebrating Easter traditionally.

That's it? Oh noooo.

Always suspicious, we did a stealth survey and found that actually only fifteen percent of that sixty-seven percent of people would attend a church service over the Easter period.

'' This shows just how many people may not be Christian at all, more research is needed to determine the religious make-up of our town.'' That comment from David Reilly, from the National Office Of Statistics.

A mean average shows that twenty-seven percent of people of all other religions may be secret closet 'other religion' worshippers.

Indeed its been rumoured that in an average four person household in Swindon, there may up to seventeen practising religions being worshipped, not including domestic pets, visiting relatives and your cable and broadband repairperson.

Swindon Centric Says ; There are detector vans in your area this weekend, we'll find out who you are, Happy Easter!

PS Pass the chocolate bunny!

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