Monday, April 02, 2007

Town Hit By Distraction Burglary Problems Due To Warm Weather

As people begin to enjoy the warm weather, Swindon's latest front in the War On Crime (copyrighted) has opened up this week. The town suffered a twelve percent rise in distraction burglaries this past month.

'' As the temperature rises, combined with the sun coming out on a more consistent basis, these are the perfect conditions for burglars to get distracted.'' That quote from Allison Bridge, spokeswoman for Wiltshire Constabulary.

The pattern of increasing numbers of burglars being caught, distracted by the summery weather, has been a boon for police catching those elusive criminals. Just this lunchtime, four well done criminals were caught napping under a tree in Lydiard Park, carelessly lulled into a relaxed attitude by the warm temperature they were woken by police who found half a dozen bags of swag next to a picnic hamper and portable wind-up radio.

Another group were rounded up feeding the ducks in Queens Park in between picking pockets Faggin style along Regent Street.

By the summer burglars will be easily identified with the sun burn marks left by falling asleep with their black masks on.

The Swindon Centric Blog Says ; The free ride's over Burglar Bill, hand over the swag and no-one gets hurt.

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