Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fireworks Display Moved Forward, Town Gears Up For Fireworks In Flip-Flops

With the announcement of the annual Lions firework display at the Polo Ground confirmed for 3rd November, another Swindon organised display has got a jump on it's rivals.

The Swindon Fussy Charitarians have decided to hold their Guy Fawkes display on May 5th at Lydiard Park.

'' We've pre-emptively decided to help solve a number of problems by holding our annual display six months early. This will prevent the anti-social noise problem for nearby residents and animals, keep people from having to choose between displays happening on the same night and keep the bonfire small, as it'll be warmer in May so we don't need the fire to be as big as in the winter months later in the year.'' That comment from Sandra Mickey, 47, a full-time Fussy Chariatrian of Lawns.

Rumour that Easter 2008 is to be merged with Christmas 2008 and celebrated for three weeks at the end of December has yet to be confirmed under the new festival name, EastMasTime.

Swindon Centric Says ; It'll be fun playing with sparklers wearing shorts and sandals.

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