Sunday, April 15, 2007

Shocker ; Blue Party Don't Like Red Party, Plans For Sleepover Cancelled

In the run up to the local elections at the beginning of May and with most of the voters showing less interest than in Celebrity Love Island, the parties have deemed it neccessary for them to stir up some back and forth discussion.

The Tories have shocked no-one by saying that they don't like the Labour party's leaflet that's been distributed in Moredon and Toothill.

It's reported that the leaflet claims the Conservatives plan to sell off large swathes (that word isn't used often enough, ed) of local authority facilities.

Rumours abound that this is the start of a concerted campaign by both sides to raise money pre-election to cover the town in leaflets. It's unconfirmed that the Tories plan to sell off the a-t-i-v-and-s from their party name and rebrand themselves as 'Conserve' to appeal to environmental voters.

Labour have hit back they are toying with the idea of rebranding their party name as 'La Bour' to appeal to all those middle-class voters who plan to retire to a holiday home in the South of France.

Meanwhile the LibDems were taken by surprise as they put the leaflet straight in their recycling box without reading it assuming it was just another takeaway menu for a indian or pizza place opened on Farringdon Road.

SwindonCentric Says ; If this is how hot-under-the-collar they get about leaflets, imagine what will happen when they talk about the issues, there could be a punch up! Keep your camera phone handy!

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