Saturday, April 28, 2007

Antimatter Device Wipes Town District Off The Map - For 45 Minutes

A slight power surge at the Swindon based National Secret Research Association, which has it's top secret headquarters on Hawksworth Way (their office is the one with the big 'top secret' sign written in red outside), caused a problem with some trial equipment.

The Quasmatron-8000x edition, which we can't reveal what it does ( a source claims it's an antimatter generator), had been put on standby during the office lunchhour yesterday. About 1.20pm, a local power surge (it was Mexican Day in the canteen) turned the machine on and it was left running, unattended, for half an hour.

'' When I returned, I immediately hit the Big Red Cut-Off button and switched off the power, then all the heads of department decended into our war bunker to check the local area for any side effects.'' That quote from Doctor Stephen Vendra, who was wearing a white coat when we spoke to him.

Although NSRA refused to confirm until early this morning, the antimatter device caused the temporary temperal displacement of a large area of the town, Kembrey Park to be exact for 45 minutes from 1.35pm onwards.

During those three quarters of an hour Kembrey Park was relocated via wormhole to East Brunswick, New Jersey. Despite the short time period developers had already drawn up plans for 10,000 new homes on the vacant land.

Rumours that local bus companies are to charge people the excess fare for the new Fare Stage Y for those on buses that were transported to the Eastern United States haven't been confirmed. But a spokesman did say any excess would have to be in exact change only.

Swindon Centric Says ; You think leaving the toaster on can cause problems.

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